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Marcus Goller

Marcus Goller

Team Member

Marcus Goller is an entrepreneur, business leader and CEO, with deep experience in sales, marketing, branding and startups. He has started 50 successful businesses around the country – from coffeehouses and manufacturing plants to alternative energy companies.

Mr. Goller graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Psychology, attended the graduate school of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway. He is also a graduate of the Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Marcus believes that building sales starts with an understanding of the customer, where the product fits in the market and how value is communicated and has a unique knack for connecting with people in a sales relationship. Connecting with customers has been the key to his sales success nationally and internationally.

Marcus also is a coach for business owners and individuals. Coaching comes naturally out of a love for teaching and encouraging. He has been a youth coach for kid’s soccer, basketball and football and earned “Coach of the Year” honors several times. Coaching a team sport is a lot like leading a company. It starts with knowing the game you play, being prepared, knowing your opponent, and taking advantage of opportunities.

Sailing, golf, sports car restoration, family, cooking, bread and beer making are just some of the things he enjoys. In his spare time he designs and builds energy efficient engines, wind turbines, and electronics.

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