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Federal Supply Schedule 874

Awarded Special Item Numbers:
SIN 874-1 Consultation Services
SIN 874-4 Training Services

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Zone 5 Midwest

SeaPort-e Point of Contact

Carol P. Michaelides, MBA
Tel.: (734) 368-5242

Elizabeth Peters, Ph.D.
Tel.: (734) 904-1093

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Pendaran, Inc. is dedicated to supporting NAVSEA and its warfare centers by delivering Experience Transfer through focused consulting and learning simulation sessions. Pendaran distinguishes its work with effective workplace implementation that can be sustained over time. Our team of industry professionals has successfully managed and led large-scale operations, delivered effective, results-based learning and provided in depth operational consulting services. We serve corporate, not/non for profit, and military clients with our innovative training and consulting method that combines boot camp development and flight simulator technology. We are uniquely qualified to provide services that help align, organize and integrate the needs of the Navy, Military Sealift Command, Strategic Systems Program, Office of Naval Research, and the United States Marine Corps.

Pendaran is a small business that has won a SeaPort Enhanced contract covering Zone 5 Midwest.
Headquarters are located in Michigan.

Pendaran Method™ of Learning is an Experience Transfer learning and consulting program developed to deliver accelerated, experiential learning to all levels of the organization – technical, operations, management, and executive.
Pendaran has a solid infrastructure and capability to manage cost plus fixed price contracts and the experience to manage its training and consulting team of professionals.

SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Program

The quality management system of Pendaran is based on procedures, systems, processes, and metrics that are used to facilitate high quality standards for our operations, equipment, and personnel. The structure is based on the best practices from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We follow the procedures of the Pendaran quality management plan to ensure quality performance while meeting urgent requirements. In performing these duties, we adhere to the elements of the Quality Management System:

Document and Record Control
Policies, procedures, work instructions, templates, records, and lists are written, reviewed and controlled for version history. Any change requests are formally approved. Records are retained for all data with reviews at prescribed intervals. All data are backed up at planned intervals. All data are secured to prevent unintended use.

Training Program
All employees are required to complete a training program to ensure that they follow internal documented procedures. Training is documented, verified for its effectiveness, and reviewed at planned intervals for repeat and continued education training.

External Auditing
External audits of Pendaran’s independent subcontractors are regularly conducted to ensure continued compliance to quality. Results of external audits are documented and corrective actions taken when any non-conformances are discovered.

Corrective and Preventive Action
The method used to identify and remedy inadvertent deviations from procedure used in the Pendaran Event Debrief and the Project Debrief.

Quality Control Inspection
All services provided are confirmed for accuracy and completeness. Participants/clients complete performance surveys at the end of the class. Information arising from the inspection process is documented, reviewed by the team, and approved. Issues arising from the inspection process leads to the corrective action plan as necessary.

Each team member is clearly identified and accountable for assigned tasks to accomplish the services provided to the client. The task and person responsible are recorded.

Equipment Maintenance
Equipment and software maintenance is performed at prescribed intervals. The results of each equipment inspection, including any preventative or reactive maintenance actions, are recorded.

Phase Reviews
Reviews on the status of projects, corrective actions, and data analysis are conducted. Results are discussed at meetings and documented in meeting minutes to assign individuals specific action items and to ensure resolution of outstanding action items.

Analysis of Data
Performance metrics are documented to tract performance and improvement data. The metrics are documented with clear objectives, targets and initiatives for sustainable improvement.

SeaPort-e Team Members

Company: Astilbe Group, LLC.

Astilbe Group, LLC is a women-owned small business that specializes in helping technology companies and associated industries develop and deliver program and contract management support. Dr. Elizabeth Peters established the firm in 2009. Dr. Peter’s career experience includes over 12 years of successfully maintaining Federal government contracts with services that include writing, training, and installing work-flow solutions that simplify the paperwork thus allowing more time for their clients to advance their technology.

Type of Business:

Women-owned small business


5 Midwest

Areas of Expertise:

3.20 Program Support;
3.18.2 Training Support – Professional Development and Training Support
3.21.1 Functional and Administrative Support – Clerical and Administrative Support


Greenstein and Associates


Greenstein and Associates provides course development and training in organizational change, systems thinking, PLM implementation and business systems strategy for design engineering and manufacturing in a broad range of industries. Dr. Eugene Greenstein established the firm in 2006. Dr. Greenstein’s 40-year career experience includes Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), the building of Knowledge Based Engineering Tools, Supplier Quality, and Advanced Manufacturing and Electronic Component Engineering.   Dr. Greenstein’s technical expertise along with his solid business background enables him to resolve product quality problems and drive business processes that focus on the customer.

Type of Business:

Small business


5 Midwest

Areas of Expertise:

3.2  Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
3.7  Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support
3.18.2 Training Support – Professional Development and Training Support
3.21.2 Functional and Administrative Support – Analytical and Organizational Assessment Support

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