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The Pendaran Structured Problem Solving (SPS) Workshop gives your teams the process, tools and coaching needed to tackle the problems/issues/opportunities they are tasked to handle.

How often do you solve a problem, only to see it again in 6 months, needing to be “solved” all over again?

The Pendaran process directly addresses the steps needed to implement a solution that can be sustained.

You will identify the right problem to solve and clearly define the results to be achieved. This is harder than you think. 85% of CEOs surveyed agree! Without results, you are wasting everyone’s time and money.

The process and pace keep teams engaged and focused on results. Remote employees can work together as a team, adding the benefit of team building along with measurable business results.

The real challenge facing any organization is its ability to identify and solve the right problems and recognize opportunities faster than the competition.

What problem are you trying to solve? Do you know? Are you solving the right problem? Truth is, Problem Solving is the Mother of All Problems.

Our experienced coaches engage with a team formed around solving a specific problem. Team sizes typically range from 5-8 people. We bring the team online from wherever they are, together or remote, and conduct the Structured Problem Solving Workshop over a schedule that works best for the client, typically in four 90 minute sessions per week over the course of 3-4 weeks. The amount of time required depends on the problem to be solved and the client’s scheduling preferences. Once action plans are developed and agreed, Pendaran supports the team with online coaching sessions to facilitate implementation.

SPS Workshop Modules include:

Problem Identification and Vetting (are you sure you are solving the right problem?)

Problem Statement Definition (writing an effective problem statement is key to getting meaningful, measurable results)

Problem Solving Methodology Coaching

Development of Action Plans

Implementation Support

Final Project Review with Client Leadership

In 2020 alone, this live online workshop has proven effective with U.S. Navy maintenance operations, automotive suppliers, high tech product development organizations and non-profits.

We can help you determine if the proven Pendaran Structured Problem Solving Workshop is right for your organization.

Contact Carol Michaelides directly at:
(734) 368-5242

Other Online Workshops

SPS Coach Training
and Certification

Provides the means to further grow organic problem solving capability in your organization.

Systems Thinking
Principles and Practice

Short and effective practical discussion and application of Systems Thinking.
Presents the concept of Systems Thinking in a format appropriate for all levels of the organization.
4 hours over 2 sessions

Live Classes (Postponed until further notice)

You leave training with a 3-ring binder
you leave our program with


Virtual Workplace

"A picture is worth a thousand words; but an Experience is worth a million". Pendaran's Virtual Workplace is a one week simulation tool that allows for experiential, collaborative learning. In essence, it is a practice field on which a work team can safely and quickly learn to use tools and processes and see the consequences of their actions and decisions. It simulates real work environments and situations. High intensity simulations are complemented by classroom learning and facilitator-led discussions. Learning is centered around the tools and processes the organization expects its employees to be using to achieve the desired business results.
Students learn where they fit in the big picture and how personal and team accountability impact the whole. They begin to understand how the tools and processes work together as a system. Pendaran's Flight Simulator is designed to unleash the human potential in organizations. When fully engaged, employees can stabilize processes and start the organization and their individual work areas on the path of continuous improvement. They will take this learning with them for the rest of their lives.

Virtual Workplace Learning Highlights:
- Unlearn bad habits Learn the art of implementation
- Learn holistic/systems thinking
- Learn how to establish a structure for implementation and sustaining change/improvement
- Learn to move from firefighting to preparing for and preventing fires
- Learn behaviors needed in a team environment
- Learn tools and processes to achieve your personal and organizational goals

Earn Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
Pendaran is pleased to offer Continuing Education Units for participation in its Virtual Workplace Simulator training. A Continuing Education Unit is a measure used in continuing education programs, particularly those required in a licensed profession. A CEU is not an academic credit; however, it is a recognized method of quantifying the time spent in the classroom during professional development and training activities. Units for each course are specified on the course information page and are calculated based on learning contact hours.

To earn CEUs for Pendaran’s Virtual Workplace Simulator:
Review the learning objectives (course description) Attend all training sessions and learning contact hours Provide feedback on your learning experience by completing daily and end of course evaluation Upon completion of the course and feedback forms, you will receive certificate from Pendaran awarding the CEUs. To understand whether or not these CEUs may be applied toward professional certification, licensing requirements, or other required training or continuing education hours, please consult your training department or licensing authority directly.


Structured Problem Solving (SPS)

Pendaran Structured Problem Solving Workshop provides an in-depth opportunity to accelerate implementation of the lessons of Virtual Workplace and see results quickly. Using the context of the Virtual Workplace, the two-day session focuses on problem solving and implementation, as initially introduced in VWS. This is the next level of learning for those who have successfully completed the VWS and provides a hands-on problem solving simulation with implementation of live operational solutions. Participants begin by solving simulated problems and quickly move to solving the real problems in their workplace.

- Accelerates the realization of measurable, sustainable business results.
- Creates a Problem Solving Culture, with common language and method.
- Reinforces Pendaran learning from Virtual Workplace Simulation.
- Develops organic coaching capability. Internal coaches can be trained and certified by Pendaran. This reduces the need for long term, onsite coaching.

Graduates will demonstrate ability to:
- Write a clear and concise Problem Statement. If you can’t define and articulate the problem, you can’t solve it.
- Identify the facts and data required to solve the problem and demonstrate a clear understanding of how to generate the data.
- Solve real problems in the operation using a clear and structured problem solving process.
- Develop action plans to implement the identified solutions, plus skills for developing any action plan rapidly.


Systems Thinking

Accelerating economic, technological, social, and environmental changes challenge managers and citizens to learn at increasing rates. Yet learning in such environments is difficult precisely because we never confront many of the consequences of our most important decisions. Effective learning requires us to become system thinkers. We must develop the ability to represent and assess dynamic complexity-and practical tools we can use to accelerate learning throughout organizations.

A major problem that senior managers face today is dealing with fundamental change-issues that result either from business success or failure. Whether your company is growing quickly or its growth is stagnant, management strategies and policies that worked before may not be working now. How should you change them? How can you improve (or sustain) growth? ...adjust internal capacity to demand? ...resolve other issues that are creating problems?
- Professor John Sterman,
- MIT, Sloan School of Management

Pendaran has combined the System Dynamics developed at MIT by Professor Jay Forrester and Professor John Sterman's business dynamics modeling with work of other leading systems thinkers such as Russell Ackoff to provide a practical approach to understanding this dynamic complexity. Our team’s many decades of experience bring these topics to life.

Course offerings:
1-Day Introduction to Systems Thinking
2-Day Executive Systems Thinking
5-Day Systems Thinking

All classes are conducted as workshops with hands-on simulations including the production and distribution supply chain "Beer Game" and other scenario simulations.

Participants begin to gain a much better appreciation for the importance of seeing the total system, whether their organization, community or world. Relevant discussion around the big picture, cause and effect and optimization of the whole vs. the parts brings participants to a new level of understanding of their own systems and the impact that they, as individuals, have in those systems.


Creating Value

The Creating Value session stresses the most important purpose of any business or enterprise – CREATING VALUE FOR THE CUSTOMER. Built on the pillars of Continuous Improvement, Customer Pull and Flow of Value, Pendaran’s "Virtual Workplace" session, builds on the student’s growing Lean skills.

Pleasing the Customer, not Pleasing the Boss switches the focus to the customer’s perception of value. Students learn and adopt a common language to describe the current state of processes and develop a future state that changes existing work processes. They create a customer pull and flow of value that leads to a sustainable culture of continuous improvement by learning to see both the value and the waste in work processes. At completion, students will never be able to see their workplace as they once did.

Creating Value Learning Highlights:
- Value Stream Mapping
- Current State Map
- Future State Map
- Learning to Manage [ A3 ]
- Theory of Constraints / Bottleneck Analysis
- Financial Decision Making
- Cockpit / Crew Resource Management

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