Pilots learn, experience and improve by spending time in the flight simulator... it’s an undisputed fact.

(Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

Simulator at Work

At Fleet Readiness Center

Pendaran has taken the concept of the flight simulator and created a Flight Simulator for MROs, to develop the critical skills necessary to maximize MRO efficiency.

The MRO Simulator creates a physical space for MRO personnel at all levels. In the simulator, they fully experience the complex process and organizational issues faced in the operation and have the opportunity to practice, fail, improve, practice and ultimately succeed at the challenges they face in running and improving the operation. This is not just a computer game. The team assumes the responsibility for all functions of the MRO, working face to face, rotating multiple job roles and solving problems in real time. This simulates the real workplace.

Through immersion and acceleration of time between actions and consequences, participants experience and learn at a gut level. Training manuals and PowerPoint presentations cannot deliver this level of learning.

First developed and delivered for US Navy, NAVAIR Fleet Readiness Centers, the Flight Simulator for MRO has been tested and proven to improve results in Safety, Quality, Turnaround Time and Cost.

This proven product is now available for commercial clients.

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