Pendaran Method™

Pendaran Method™ of Accelerated Experience

The current approach of training - reading books, sitting in classes - has produced very limited results. We learn and grow through experience. We learn by practicing, by experimenting and making mistakes but our real world offers little opportunity to safely practice. The key to effective learning is to provide accelerated experience, not just power point slides. "A picture is worth a thousand words, but an experience is worth a million."

Consider this: From 1940 to 1990, the number of aviation accidents due to pilot error remained steady, at about 65%. Since 1990, the number of such incidents has dropped dramatically to less than 30%. Since 2001, there has been only one crash in the United States attributed to pilot error. The dramatic reduction in aviation accidents was the result of a realistic flight simulator introduced in the mid 1980s. Prior to the introduction of the flight simulator, pilots had the body of knowledge but no opportunity to safely practice applying that knowledge. The flight simulator changed that.

The Pendaran method™ consists of 4 major parts: the "Classroom", the "Work Simulator", "Debrief", and "Team Learning." This cycle is repeated many times, however at each cycle the complexity of the work simulator increases to a new level by introducing new interventions. At the end of each cycle they return to the classroom to learn new tools and processes that are relevant to improving performance in the simulator and in the real world. Participants enter the class as individual students and leave as highly qualified team players with relevant usable skills.

Class Learning:

Pendaran’s professional instructors lead dialogue on issues critical to operations transformation.

Virtual Workplace:

The team runs the simulated operation and is expected to deliver results. Planned interventions are carefully choreographed to simulate dynamic disruptions common to team and operation performance.


Results are immediately debriefed. Participants defend decisions and actions taken in the simulator.

Improvement Planning

Working without an instructor, participants take debrief feedback and make specific plans to improve performance during the next work simulator session.

Pendaran Method
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