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Systems Thinking and System Dynamics

Accelerating economic, technological, social, and environmental changes challenge managers and citizens to learn at increasing rates. Yet learning in such environments is difficult precisely because we never confront many of the consequences of our most important decisions. Effective learning requires us to become system thinkers. We must develop the ability to represent and assess dynamic complexity-and practical tools we can use to accelerate learning throughout organizations.

A major problem that senior managers face today is dealing with fundamental change-issues that result either from business success or failure. Whether your company is growing quickly or its growth is stagnant, management strategies and policies that worked before may not be working now. How should you change them? How can you improve (or sustain) growth? ...adjust internal capacity to demand? ...resolve other issues that are creating problems?
- Professor John Sterman,
- MIT, Sloan School of Management

Pendaran has combined the System Dynamics developed at MIT by Professor Jay Forrester and Professor John Sterman's business dynamics modeling with work of other leading systems thinkers such as Russell Ackoff to provide a practical approach to understanding this dynamic complexity. Our team’s many decades of experience bring these topics to life.

Course offerings:
1-Day Introduction to Systems Thinking
2-Day Executive Systems Thinking
5-Day Systems Thinking

All classes are conducted as workshops with hands-on simulations including the production and distribution supply chain “Beer Game” and other scenario simulations.


Building A Community of Leaders

Transform the culture of your organization to maximize and sustain performance. This 2 hour seminar looks at examples of working Communities of Leaders and introduces how to build a Community of Leaders in your organization.

Everybody wants it. Your company may be looking for it right now. Business books advise you to transform your “good” business to a “great” one. How? Effective leadership is critical to the performance of any organization but the ideas and opinions on what “effective” is and how to get it, vary widely. There needs to be more to the discussion than simply a declarative “you need leadership”. The Pendaran, Inc. seminar, Building a Community of Leaders, will expand the discourse on leadership by introducing the concept of Community Leadership.

History of Leadership
Historically, we have been led to believe that effective leadership is the way to crate change in a business. This mythical leader is a lone wolf who leads his pack to success. Certainly, today’s large organizations benefit from individual visionary leaders but it is not clear that any individual great leader can really change a business. This seminar begins with a historical perspective from ancient civilization’s leadership and the legacy those leaders left. We also look at other, more recent civilizations and how and when they dominated the world order. Our look back ends with a review of some recent models of leadership and a discussion of the natural laws of leadership that have emerged. This leads us to the new concept of a Community of Leaders.

Defining a Community of Leaders
Individual leaders tend to optimize the performance of their local business units rather than optimizing the global performance of the entire company. They direct competition internally against other business units rather than directing it at the competition. And even if you are fortunate enough to have a leader or two who displays all the right traits, one or two will be swallowed in the mass of less effective leaders. You need a positive critical mass. A Community of Leaders is an intentionally designed community which recognizes that the leadership in business is a result of the interactions of all the leaders of a business. The key to building a sustained high-performance organization is to develop a community of leaders who work as individual leaders and work together as a community of leaders. A community of leaders can reach new heights of performance through coordinated action and synergy across business functions. They can transform the culture of a business through critical mass. They direct competition externally against business competitors, not each other, and they sustain minimal damage when a single leader leaves the company.

Engineering the Leaders You Need
When you transform a business from good to great, what do you change? Marketing? Product Development? The lights? No, No, No. You change the people. The key to building a sustained high performance organization is to change the people by engineering leadership. It is not something we need to leave to fate, hoping that someone emerges as a good leader. Business books tell you that you need leadership but they don’t tell you how to create leaders. You can create the leaders of your organization with a Community Leadership Development System. You can engineer leaders who are able to 1. Step out of their functional silos, 2. Share common values, 3. Are willing to throw themselves in front of a bullet to save their buddies. Only a well designed community of leaders has the critical mass to change a company’s culture and sustain that change

Additional Options:
One Day workshop to develop the concept and working understanding of the Community Leadership Development System. Pendaran Inc consulting engagement to build a customized Community Leadership Development Program for your organization. We are available to speak on this topic at your next conference or senior management meeting.
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