Pendaran Structured Problem Solving (SPS)

Pendaran Structured Problem Solving Workshop provides an in-depth opportunity to accelerate implementation of the lessons of Virtual Workplace and see results quickly. Using the context of the Virtual Workplace, the two-day session focuses on problem solving and implementation, as initially introduced in VWS. This is the next level of learning for those who have successfully completed the VWS and provides a hands-on problem solving simulation with implementation of live operational solutions. Participants begin by solving simulated problems and quickly move to solving the real problems in their workplace.


  • Accelerates the realization of measurable, sustainable business results.
  • Creates a Problem Solving Culture, with common language and method.
  • Reinforces Pendaran learning from Virtual Workplace Simulation.
  • Develops organic coaching capability. Internal coaches can be trained and certified by Pendaran. This reduces the need for long term, onsite coaching.


Graduates will demonstrate ability to:

  • Write a clear and concise Problem Statement. If you can’t define and articulate the problem, you can’t solve it.
  • Identify the facts and data required to solve the problem and demonstrate a clear understanding of how to generate the data.
  • Solve real problems in the operation using a clear and structured problem solving process.
  • Develop action plans to implement the identified solutions, plus skills for developing any action plan rapidly.

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